Vacuum Feedthroughs, Heating Elements, and Custom Thermal Systems for
Aerospace, University Research, Semiconductor, Medical and OEM Applications

Feedthroughs for University Research and Development

BCE - A Trusted Partner in University Research and Development

Methane Sensing Feedthrough

Novel feedthrough design used in Methane Sensing Systems incorporating a brass bushing with an O-ring seal. Vacuum leak tight assembly with limited outgassing due to BCE’s proprietary black epoxy seal. Cost-effective 18 wire configuration with a small footprint. Threaded assembly for easy installation into a universal vacuum port.

Tight Spaces

Effective feedthrough design ideal for extremely confined spaces. Less than 3/16” in diameter incorporating 6X 20 AWG Teflon insulated wires sealed in a 1” long stainless steel shell. Precisely manufactured and engineered to supply power and signals to delicate instruments.

Laser Welded

Epoxy-free, robust laser welded assembly ideal for power supply in high temperature and vacuum environments. Standard 9X Beryllium-Copper Alloy contacts hermetically sealed with ceramic. Rated for 750VAC. Mating UHV connector and cables available.

50 Pin Feedthrough

Hermetically sealed 50 pin feedthrough for easy integration in complex electrical circuits. Stainless Steel contacts sealed with a clear epoxy engineered to fit into any electrical port. Contacts mounted to FR4 board with standard through holes for easy installation with readily available hardware.

SS Contact Feedthrough

Stainless Steel contacts sealed in a standard CF flange with an O-ring groove for effective supply of signals inside a vacuum chamber. Proprietary BCE Epoxy seal meeting NASA ASTM E595 Low Outgassing Specification. Additional sleeve on rear for easy installation and grip.

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