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Vacuum Feedthroughs, Heating Elements, and Custom Thermal Systems for
Aerospace, University Research, Semiconductor, Medical and OEM Applications

BCE Products

Engineered Heating and Vacuum Products for Aerospace, University Research, Semiconductor, Medical and OEM Applications

BCE provides years of expertise, design and manufacturing epoxy feedthroughs, standard and custom electric heating elements, ceramic metallization, thick film elements, and laser drilling services. BCE brings decades of vacuum and thermal expertise to many high technology markets, including analytical instrumentation, semiconductor, photovoltaic, medical equipment, plastics processing, foodservice equipment, packaging, aerospace and many others.

Vacuum Feedtroughs

Vacuum Feedthroughs

BCE is at the forefront of development of modern epoxy to solve your feedthrough challenges.

Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters

Electric heating elements for heating flowing gases, liquids, and metallic parts.

Custom Thermal Systems

Custom Thermal Systems

Experts in custom thermal system design and application.

Thick Film Technology

Thick Film Technology

Electric heaters in a low mass, low profile package, thick film circuits, thick film resistors.

Vacuum Feedthrough Thermocouple

Vacuum Feedthrough Thermocouples

Flanged thermocouples designed for vacuum operation. Customer specified flanges and sizes.

Thick Film Technology

CeraWatt Ceramic Heater

Compact, durable, highly efficient heat transfer.

Heater, sensor, feedthrough

Heater / Sensor / Feedthrough Assembly

Heat source, multi-point sensing, and vacuum seal all-in-one.

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