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BCE Capillary Source Heater Assembly

Capillary Source Heater

APCI Heater

The APCI (Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization) heater has a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) built into it.  The heater assembly has a .016” ID capillary tube in the center of the heater axis.  The maximum operating temperature is up to 400°C.  This assembly comes complete with the connector plug.

The APCI sample is typically dissolved in a solvent and pumped through a heated capillary.  Nitrogen gas is introduced, the gaseous solvent is heated up to 400°C and the sample is then ionized by corona discharge.


  • 12 Pin connector.
  • Pin receptacle/Socket contact.
  • Fiberglass insulated leads.
  • 300 Series stailess steel.


BCE Engineering & Quality Assurance

BCE engineers provide decades of experience in design and development, delivering a wealth of empirical data and experience. BCE welcomes your custom requirement and will design and deliver a part that meets your challenging needs.

BCE is recognized for its commitment to quality and excellence by being certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.
ISO 9001



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